Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Ornament Garland

I didn't get a Christmas tree this year but I got my ornaments out anyway because I have so much fun looking through them. It feels like opening presents because I forget about all the pretty ornaments I've collected over the years.

I made and hung a garland with some favorite ornaments, fishing line, and two screw eye hooks.

I strung the ornaments on the fishing line and tied a knot around one to hold it in place. I spaced the ornaments about an inch and a half apart from one other. If you don't space your ornaments with knots they will all jumble together - your garland will look fuller but you won't really be able to see the individual ornaments.

I screwed the two screw eye hooks into my wall and draped the finished garland over them.

It was very easy.  You just have to be very gentle when you pick up and hang the garland so the ornaments don't clank together too hard.

I did a few other small things to make my apartment festive for the holidays, like put out my vintage cardboard Christmas houses.

And, I put some Christmas ornaments (ones that didn't make it on the garland) out in a bowl and I hung a santa ornament from my living room lampshade.  (Pssst....recognize that bowl? It's the rock bowl I made two summers ago.)

I tacked my single strand of vintage glass beads to the bulletin board above me desk, and then hung my chenille candy cane pipe cleaners on it.

And I saved a few of the candy canes to hang on the wall lamps on either side of my bed.

So I didn't go all out like I did two years ago, but even without a tree my one bin of Christmas decorations goes a long way to make things feel pretty festive around here.

How's your holiday so far?  I hope it's really happy and festive.


EmilyRosePortraits said...

beautiful and creative Liz!!

Anonymous said...

your DIY Christmas garland is looking so beautiful. thanks for sharing such a awesome idea.

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