Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Lady Gaga Halloween Costume

I was Lady Gaga for Halloween last year. Here's how I pulled together the costume:

First things first, I made a meat dress.  

I ordered one yard of bacon pattern fabric. (In hindsight I should have ordered one-and-a half yards because I didn't have quite enough, so I ended up using some miscellaneous pink fabric for the back.)

I used this red dress from my closet as the pattern for my bacon dress:

I'm not going to get very technical with you here because I was kinda winging this whole dress making thing.

Essentially I traced my red dress following its seams. I added half an inch of seam allowance to the outside edges of my traced pieces.

I sewed all of the pieces together and hemmed the remaining raw edges - around the neck, arms, and bottom of the skirt.

Taadaa, my finished bacon dress:

To complete my Lady Gaga look I ordered this blonde wig from Amazon, and put some streaks in it with a blue highlighter.

I wore black fishnet tights, a black flower/poof hair clip thing (leftover from my sister's 2011 Kate Middleton costume), and a black leather jacket (also borrowed from my sister).

For the finishing touches I put on a vintage rhinestone necklace (borrowed from my mom), a fun red ring, a lot of navy eyeliner, bright red lipstick, and my tallest turquoise high heels (not pictured).

I was pretty please with how this costume came together and I had a lot of fun wearing it! If I were to do it again, I'd probably make the bottom hem of the dress jagged so it looked a little more meat-like.

How about you, got any plans to dress up for Halloween tomorrow? I roped my boyfriend into doing a couples costume this year. He's Uncle Sam and I'm the Statue of Liberty. Details and pictures to follow in a few days.

In the meantime: my sheep costume, my chicken costume, a round of up some of my favorite homemade Halloween costume ideas, and a few more.

Can you tell I like Halloween, just a little bit?

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Kirstin said...

You always have the best costumes!

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