Saturday, April 6, 2013

Organized Jewelry Drawer

I keep my jewelry and makeup in the top two drawers of this little dresser in my bedroom.

I'm very organized but this drawer was not.

I decided to change that.  Here's how it looks now:

I made a point to only use supplies I already had: a 1/4" dowel, wood glue, two cardboard egg cartons, eight clear plastic Chinet cups, a foam insert from a paper jewelry box, a few white plastic drawer organizers, and a tester pot of pale blue paint.

This is what I did:

1. Emptied the drawer and got rid of the jewelry that I didn't really like and/or couldn't see myself wearing again.

2. Removed the wooden drawer dividers, lined them up, and made corresponding marks (for where the dowels will go) about two inches apart.

3. Picked a drill bit that was about the same size as my dowel (about 1/4").

4. Drilled holes halfway through the thickness of each divider in the marked spots.

5. Cut the dowel, glued the pieces between the dividers and glued the dividers back into the drawer.

6. Painted the inside of the drawer with a sample pot of pale blue paint.

7. Hung all of my fish hook earrings and clasp bracelets on the dowels. 

8. Cut the top off two cardboard egg cartons and painted them to match the inside of the drawer.

9. Sorted my hair doodads into clear plastic Chinet cups.

10. Lined up my stud earrings in the foam insert from a paper jewelry box.

11. Arranged the rest of my earrings in one of the painted egg cartons.

12. Corralled my small necklaces in the second egg carton and put my big bauble necklaces in more clear plastic cups.

13. Sorted my makeup into six white plastic drawer organizers that I labeled Eyes, Face, Blush, Lips, Perfume, and Lotion.

14. Arranged the organizers to fit in the second drawer of my dresser.

15. Stepped back and did a little happy dance.  

Check back early next week, I've got a post in the works about a clear to-go box I made to carry a single birthday cupcake.


Jenny said...

this is exactly what i need!

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

I'd do a little happy dance too! That's soooooooooo clever. Great that you used only stuff you already had! Off to Pinterest you go - again!

Priyankz said...

Love it.I wish I was creative too :(.I need to organize my jewellery too..any ideas for how to fit in the braceletsnand bangles..I have a lot of them...I've put them on cup holders on my dresser cos they dont cig in my tiny drawers.

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