Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dried Coxcomb Flowers

Do you like dried flowers? Me neither. Or at least I was pretty sure I didn't. 

My sister Anne grew some coxcomb flowers in my parents backyard. While they were still fresh she cut them, tied them together, and hung them upside down in a dry dark closet.

You're supposed to let the flowers hang like this to dry for about four weeks, during which time Anne forgot about them.  That's when I swooped in and claimed the flowers (finders keepers, right?).

I cut the stems and arranged the flowers in a vase using a hunk of dry floral foam.

Dried coxcomb look full and colorful, unlike most dried flowers which I think look frail and scratchy.

Note, the color of the flowers color will eventually fade - here's a coxcomb arrangement that's two years old:

If you can't steal your little sisters coxcombs like I did, you can always plant your own - details on how to do that here.  Or if you live in the DC area you can pick coxcomb flowers at Butler's Orchard between July and October.

I keep this arrangement on the tv console in my living room - it is the first thing I see when I walk in my front door.

I love fresh flowers but this little arrangement is nearly as happy and it's inexpensive and maintenance-free.

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