Thursday, October 18, 2012

Framed Four-leaf Clovers and Other Leaf Art

I'm not sure I've ever found a four-leaf clover, until a few weeks ago when I was lucky enough to find this:

It's a little frame in which someone has preserved six real four-leaf clovers. What a cute idea. I found it at an estate sale - how lucky am I?

This got me wondering about preserving leaves. I have some vague memories of pressing flowers between pages of our family encyclopedia set when I was little.

I did some quick research and found out there are three pretty easy way to press a leaf and/or clover should you find one:
  • Put the leaf between the pages of a heavy book. Pile some more heavy books on top and leave em' for a week or two, or
  • Submerge the leaf in a solution of glycerin and water for several days, or 
  • Press the leaf between two pieces of waxed paper using an iron at medium heat.

Aren't these leaf art examples pretty?

From aHa! Modern Living

Image from Better Homes and Gardens

Image from Urban Grace Interiors

Image from Tim Cuppett Architects

I'm quite fond of this piece of art I found on Etsy because it reminds me of Matisse's Spray of Leaves piece...and I think you know how fond I am of Matisse - I mentioned him here, here, here and here.

Image via MapleShoppers

And last but not least, wouldn't one of these characters would make for the absolute sweetest fall greeting card?
Image from Family Fun

I think I'm finally done being mad that summer is over and I'm about ready to start embracing fall - so long as it doesn't get really cold outside just yet. Though I don't currently have anything specific in mind, I might try to whip up a fall decoration or two this weekend. I'm remembering now how I made this pretty piece of autumn art for my mom around this time last year.

How about you - has there been any autumn decorating going on at your place so far this season?

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