Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Changing Accessories

I'm always switching up the accessories throughout my apartment. Perhaps I'm fickle, but I prefer to think that I'm keeping things fresh around here. Here's what my bedroom looked like when I was taking pictures for the Small Cool contest this April:

Here's what my bedroom looks like today:

I swapped out the artwork. I still really like this Matisse print I got at Goodwill,

but I found this larger Matisse print at the Capital Caring thrift shop in Arlington. It was $60 but I happened to find it on a day when all the artwork was 40% off...which I decided made it meant to be.

I'm quite fond of the thick linen wrapped mat - makes me pretty sure someone payed big bucks to have this print professionally framed.

I also changed up the pillows on my bed a little bit. I've traded out the euro sham pillows (the ones I made from the vinatge tablecloth) and replaced them with queen pillows in these fun Kate Spade polka dot pillowcases I found at HomeGoods for $12.99.

The chartreuse velvet pillow is from the sofa in my living room -  I got it from Crate and Barrel this spring.

The blue and white floral sheets are still the same (I got them at Target two years ago) but if you look closely you might notice that the comforter is different. It's not new though - it's the more lightweight comforter I switch to in the summer.

I've got a new plant on my nightstand. The old one bit the dust so I picked up this "Himalaya Mix" from Ikea for $2.49.  It's in a cute green glazed pot I fond at an estate sale for $1. The little gold tray was a $1 Goodwill find.

The modern chair next to my bed has been floating around my apartment since last summer when I found it at a flea market for $20. I got the kilim pillow sitting on top for $6 at an estate sale.

I think that sums the recent accessory changes - nothing to dramatic, just a bunch of small things. That said, these small updates have really got me feeling like I'm getting fresh start, just in time for fall.

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