Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Art in My Kitchen

I know the kitchen is sort of an unconventional place for art, but then again it is the place in any home where people tend to congregate, so why not hang some art in there?

I've got a bunch of art hanging in my small galley kitchen - in fact I turned the wall below my kitchen cabinets into a gallery. Here's how it looks:

I carefully chose art I like but that wasn't expensive or irreplaceable since the space is prone to heat and mess. This is the scoop on each piece:

This is a square of vintage redwork embroidery (probably intended to be part of a quilt) that I found at a flea market last summer. I especially love the girl's hair in that top knot - reminds of how mine looks most days.

Note, I got all of the frames I used for this gallery at Goodwill. And, I cut the mats myself using mat board from Michaels and this mat cutter from Amazon.

This is a card Anne, my sister gave me - it was one of those "I saw this and thought of you" kind of impromptu gifts that can, and does, make a gal like me feel super special.

The big hand gesture piece is something I copied out of my Speak Italian book. I talked about that project in this post, The Fine Free Art of the Gesture.

This is a photo of Bobby, my brother, when he was little. He looks so dang cute in that green polo and appears to be mesmerized with mixing - some things never change.

Bar signs are typically kinda tacky, but I thought this lettering was cool, and the price was right - I got it at a yard sale for $1.

I've admired this Van Gogh painting for ages - aren't the greens gorgeous? I bought this print on

This hand gesture piece here on the end is also copied out of my Speak Italian book - again, project details here.

Oh, and please forgive me for not introducing you two sooner; this is my glass octopus friend - he lives on top of my stove. I rescued him from my local tchotchke shelter, a.k.a my mom's house.

And, though I didn't go into detail in this post, anytime I hang a grouping of art, I first map it out with brown paper like we did in Juliet's bedroom, details here - Juliet's Bedroom Before and After.

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nurse.ney said...

I love that octopus!!! Additionally I will now be incorporating tchotchke into my vernacular...

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