Sunday, July 1, 2012

Birthday Care Package

My sister Anne wanted cash for her birthday. I aim to please, but giving cash as a present can feel so impersonal and boring. To spice up the gift, I put the cash inside balloons - an idea I got from She's Crafty.

I used water balloons because they're small. I filled them with one and five dollar bills - and a select few had smiley face confetti and/or green glitter in 'em.

I stuffed the balloons before they were inflated. I had to fold the bills up really small to get them to fit.

I decorated the balloons with stickers and put them all in a cardboard box padded with tissue paper.

I taped this note to the inside of the box.

"Happy birthday beautiful sister! I hope you have a wonderful day. Use this safety pin to reveal a few birthday surprises within. Enjoy."
Since cardboard boxes are kinda boring, I wrapped this one with lime green wrapping paper. I reinforced the corners and folds with clear tape to help make sure the paper wouldn't snag and rip off in the mail.

I put the pink address label in the middle of the box and wrapped masking tape around the sides to mimic ribbon.

I mailed it to Anne USPS Priority Mail. It got there in two days. She said popping the balloons was fun and that the ones filled with glitter made quite the explosion. I'm calling this a success.


Anonymous said...

You are awesome. Lucky sister.

Kirstin said...

Love it! Such a cute idea!

Amy Shaughnessy said...

What a great idea! Who wouldn't like this? It's so cute!


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