Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mailing a Birthday Cake

Yesterday was my sister Anne's 19th birthday. In the Willis family we do cake, candles and singing for every birthday without exception. Sadly, we knew we wouldn't get to see and celebrate with Anne on her birthday because she’s in Philly wrapping up her freshman year of college. To make sure Anne didn't miss out, we mailed her a birthday cake. Here's how I pulled it together:


I made three layers of homemade yellow cake following this recipe from Real Simple magazine. Once the layers were cool, I wrapped each one in plastic wrap and then aluminum foil.  

I whipped up buttercream frosting following this Martha Stewart recipe. Martha says this frosting can be stored at room temperature for several days which was key for this project.

I used food coloring to make the frosting turquoise (Anne's favorite color) and then spooned it into this glass jar which formerly held pickles. Tips on how to clean the food smell out of glass jars here.

I made the "Blue Buttercream Birthday Frosting" label (and all of the other labels) using Microsoft Word - it's just text on regular printer paper that I attached with clear packing tape.

For some extra pizzazz, I cut a piece of pretty spotted fabric and wrapped it around the lid of the jar with a rubber band.

I included a plastic knife for frosting the cake.

I put together a jar of Oreo bits, just because - I'm thinking Anne might like 'em sprinkled on top of the cake or between the layers.

I made a disposable cake plate by tracing a dinner plate onto a piece of cardboard which I then cut and covered with aluminum foil.

I counted out 19 candles and added one for good luck. I packaged them in one of the treat bags I had leftover from my cake pop project.

I also wrapped up some sprinkles.

Last but not least, I gathered some paper plates, napkins, spoons and noisemakers for the lucky people who get to celebrate with Anne on her birthday.

And finally I put it all in a box. I padded things with tissue paper and a random piece of turquoise foam that I just happened to have.

Everything fit into a Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box. The box was free and the flat rate shipping cost was just $11.35.

I decorated the box with some happy face stickers.

Here it is.  It got from my house to Anne's dorm in just two short days.

I think Anne liked the package. She promised to send me a picture of the cake soon.

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Amy Shaughnessy said...

What a great idea! I wonder if it would be okay to mail in the hot summer months? Maybe not in Louisiana where I live...This would be great to do when it gets cooler though!


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