Friday, May 4, 2012

Spontaneous Art Wall

First - thank you for the kind comments and for voting for my apartment in the 2012 Apartment Therapy Small Cool contest. I'm over the moon about my 181 votes. Moreover, I'm really proud to have put myself out there. Here's the apartment that won in my division, and here's the one that won it all.

In other news, I'm waist-deep in work for my final semester projects in grad school.  One more week until I get a break and have more time to spend blogging!

But enough small talk, here are some pretty pictures from my bedroom where I recently hung some artwork:

This was an impromptu project.  I didn't plan it out with brown paper like the gallery wall I did in Juliet's bedroom, even though in my opinion that is truly the way to go.

Believe it or not, I happened to have all this artwork lying around:

The big framed quote was leaning against the wall next to my nightstand - I made it earlier in the year and blogged about it here.  

The "Good Morning" sign is a piece of vintage redwork embroidery I found at a flea market and framed. It's probably from the 1930's, which to me feels really old and cool.

The striped print is by a classmate in my college Serigraphy (screen printing) class. We all swapped prints at the end of the semester, hers was one of my favorites so I framed it.

I found the sweet flower painting for a few dollars at Goodwill.

The other pretty flower painting is on loan from my mother's basement.

The Matisse print is something I splurged for on One Kings Lane - I talked about it here and here.

What do you think?  Somehow I think it all works together.  

One of my favorite design quotes is by designer Lynn Von Kersting. She said, "choose only what takes your breath away, and don't worry about matching."  Do you agree?

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a ridiculously fun weekend because I'll be living vicariously through you until I get these final semester projects done.

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Hello dear,
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