Saturday, May 19, 2012

DIY No-sew Bedskirt

My sewing machine and I are in a fight, so I made this bedskirt for my/my brother's/the guest bed at my mom's house without any sewing.

This is how the bed used to look.

To make the no-sew bedskirt I used these supplies; a tablecloth (or if you don't have an extra tablecloth hanging around, a flat bed sheet or three yards of fabric would work), clear packing tape, iron-on adhesive, scissors, measuring tape, and an iron.

The bed is a full. For the skirt I cut out three panels, making sure to align the long sides with the tablecloth hem. See the diagram below for my exact panel sizes. 

I used iron-on adhesive to hem the left and right (short) sides of each panel. The bottom (long) side didn't need to be hemmed because it incorporated the original tablecloth hem.

I used packing tape to attach the panels to the box-spring. The key is to overlap the fabric up onto the box-spring at least six to eight inches - this way the weight of the mattress will help hold the bedskirt panels in place.

I folded the top of the corners under like a present. Even though it will mostly be covered by the mattress, the top of the corners is likely to show a little if the mattress shifts.

Here's a close-up of the finished bedskirt. (I swear it's not so wrinkly-looking in real life).

This was an easy project, and it has held up perfectly so far - I actually made this bedskirt three weeks ago. Take that sewing machine!


Anonymous said...

Nice job on your bed skirt - it looks great! I have this linked to my bed skirts roundup post as well today, for inspiration!

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

Hee hee! "Take that, sewing machine!" My sentiments exactly. Love what you did here. My bed is like yours in that it has a head and foot board so ordinary valances don't work! Thanks for this! I always have boxes under the bed! (Found you via Heather's pinterest post, but am going to pin you separately all by yourself!)

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