Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Table Setting

Here's how my Easter table setting came together. Remember, this is what it looked like late last week, details here.

I took a set of white linen napkins that I got at an estate sale and dyed them in my washing machine using chartreuse iDye.

They came out really bright, and more yellow than I had expected, so I dyed them again using one quarter of a turquoise iDye packet.

Now the napkins are a perfect bright green.

For the place cards, I monogrammed hard boiled eggs. I stuck an alphabet sticker to each egg.  Here's an "A" for my sister Anne (who I always set a place for even though she's away at college).

I painted the eggs with acrylic craft paint, because it's what I had on hand. Since I didn't have any green paint, which is the color I wanted, I mixed gold and light blue which gave me this pretty pearly light green color.

When I took the alphabet stickers off, I realized some paint had seeped underneath. Fortunately, since the paint was water-soluable, I was able to touch up the letters with water and a clean paintbrush.

I displayed each egg place card in a wine glass partially filled with green Easter grass.

To help incorporate the two pink end chairs in my mom's dining room, I draped them with vintage daffodil table runners.

I bought cheery green flower-shaped chargers from Michaels for $1.99 each.

I took one bouquet of pink mums from the grocery store and made two small floral arrangements in glass jars.

I'm pretty excited with how it all turned out.

And, a quick shout-out to my sister Katy who set up an Easter buffet using some of my mom's bunny figurines. How cute is that blue bunny surrounded by deviled eggs?

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