Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cool Ideas from NYC

I went to NYC for the Architectural Digest Home Design Show the weekend before last. 

It was awesome.  Here are some of the coolest things:

Aren't these Flux folding chairs mod? They come in eight colors, support up to 350 pounds, and fold virtually flat - 21 chairs stacked are a mere one foot high.

Here's a prettier picture of the chair from the Flux website.

The table settings in the Dining by Design exhibit were beyond fabulous.  Most notably, I loved the use of gold Slinky's as a place card holders in this table put together by Designlush.

Also, I loved the wine bottle chandelier used in this tablescape by Libby Langdon. It's By Gordon but I think it's got some DIY potential - yes? no? maybe?

This Chiquita stool by Kenneth Cobonpue was a fun surprise. All those wooden dowels rest atop a hidden cushion - so when you sit the dowels sink softly and form to your tush.

Here's a picture from the designer's website - can you kinda sorta see how the dowels have sunk in where she's sitting?

I thought this gem shaped chandelier was breathtaking. It's by Bec Brittain and it's made from brass and thin LED tubes.

I thought these tables by Audrey Sterk were pretty neat. She's painted one of her designs onto a soft canvas and then adhered it to a simple table.

Sterk makes this pattern in nearly every color imaginable. It's making me think: I've always wanted to find a project to use some of the fabulous paper they sell at Paper Source - perhaps I could cover an Ikea Lack table.

I've been coveting this Satellite Chandelier at Design Within Reach for a while, and after seeing it in person I want it even more.  It's way bigger than I realized.

I thought this business card was quite casual and clever. It looks like it was printed on a clear Avery label and stuck to a piece of bright card stock. So easy, you could print them at home.

I also really liked these business cards which featured different pieces of the artists work on the back. Snazzy, right?

Outside of the design show, I was attracted to these light green glass pendants at ABC Carpet and Home. They're by Rich Brilliant Willing.

Here's a close up from the designers website. The color reminds me of vintage Coke bottles. Makes me want to get a glass/tile drill bit and make a pendant light from a depression glass bowl like this one.

And maybe it's just me but, I thought this vase of chocolate globes was so fun. It was on the counter by the register at the J Crew on Prince Street.

Last but not least, this fun sign was hanging on our hotel room door. It says, "Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." It's got the room service breakfast menu on the back.

Needless to say, I brought it home and it's now hanging on the wall lamp next to my bed.

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