Monday, March 12, 2012

Recycling a Picture Frame and Mat

I bought this at an estate sale the other week - it was the second day of the sale and everything was half price so I got it for $17.50. So, what was I thinking? Yes, this art isn't really my style, but it was clearly professionally framed and both the frame and mat were still in perfect condition.

It's hard to beat the look of professional framing but it's so dang expensive.

Fortunately the mat opening was the exact size I needed to frame this happy photo I bought on last year.

I disassembled the frame with a screwdriver and pliers.

I cleaned it with Windex.

I replaced the original art with my bowler print and then put the frame back together with glazier push points - they're easy to use and cost less $1 a box.

I just hung it above the sofa in my living room where I'm slowly but surely assembling a grouping of portraits.

To the left of my newly framed bowler print - the upside down man is a copy of a Picasso drawing I had enlarged at Kinko's for less $10, just like I did this quote.  Why is it upside down?  It's a long story for another day, but I promise to tell you.

Below my newly framed bowler print - a painting I did of my brother when I was in undergrad.

Things I plan to frame and add to my living room portrait gallery soon:

A Van Gogh print I got at a yard sale, a photograph of my youngest sister Anne in her Giant Food cashier uniform, and this Warhol print I ordered from

Psst, in case you're looking for some prints for your walls, this coupon code (SP12R1B) will get you 20% off everything until March 30, 2012.

And for pointers on how to hang a grouping of art, read this post about the gallery wall I did as part of Juliet's bedroom makeover.

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