Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fun Card or Party Idea

Yesterday was my parent's 34th wedding anniversary. My siblings and I took them out to dinner to celebrate. Thirty-four may not seem like a major milestone, but I did some Googling and I came up with a list of important things that have to do with the number 34. It made for some different and fun dinner table conversation.

It went like this:


The year the average price of gas was 34 cents per gallon in the U.S.
The year the cost of a postage stamp was 34 cents.
The major celebrity who turned 34 last month.  Hint, it's a guy and his first name starts with an A.
The traditional gift for a 34th wedding anniversary.
The famous former Major League Baseball player who wore the now retired jersey number 34.
The country whose international direct-dial code is +34.
The famous wedding that was estimated to have cost 34 million dollars.
The famous building and American cultural icon built at a 34th Street intersection.
The 34th U.S. state.
The word used 34 times in the Bible.

Answers: 1968, 2001, Ahston Kutcher, opal, Nolan Ryan, Spain, Price William's, The Empire State Building, Kansas, "devil."

Alternatively, number specific trivia makes for a fun something to write in a birthday or anniversary card. In fact, the card I gave my parents for their anniversary two years ago went a little something like this:

In case you were of the opinion that
thirty-two was not a milestone anniversary,
consider this:

Thirty-two is
the freezing point of water,
the number of pieces in a game of chess,
the turn in which F.D.R became president,
the number of teams in the NFL,
twice Anne’s age,
and more days than in any month of the year.

In fact, I think thirty-two is pretty big deal.
Congratulations Mom and Dad!

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