Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bright Spring Table

I bought myself these 12 purple carnations on Tuesday to celebrate the first official day of spring. I put them in this white jar, but thought they looked a little sparse.

So, I cut a piece off the block of floral foam I keep stashed away for occasions just like this. Seriously, floral foam is so great, more details about how it works here.

With the help of floral foam my 12 stems look like a much fuller arrangement now, don't they?

I put the flower arrangement on my kitchen/dinning room table. It's on top of a round silver tray surrounded by the apples and bananas I just picked up at the grocery store.

The tulip tablecloth is something I got out of my linen closet drawer. It's vintage and I happened upon it at an estate sale several years ago.

Side note - my vintage tablecloth was in near perfect condition when I bought it, but most vintage linens are not.  Though I haven't had occasion to try it yet, I learned from Eddie Ross that Laundress All-Purpose Bleach Alternative is great for getting stains out of vintage linens. Also, I asked one of the vintage linen dealers at the DC Big Flea Market who said she gets hard yellow stains out of vintage linens with Biz.

I'm really loving the color combination of the red-violet flowers with the periwinkle and peach in the tablecloth.

My bright spring table is making me want to take the plunge and finally paint my kitchen table a fun color.

Got any bright spring projects going on at your place?


Melissa said...

The carnations looks great. I love how simple your dining table is. Some contemporary furniture stores near us sell that too, I like it but I am not sure if it sturdy.

IsabellaChilde said...

Awesome trick; I have a similar canister brought from contemporary furniture stores in Miami as I went for a vacation. In search of vase decoration I can across your blog. I was thinking of using that canister vase as I grow flowers in my home garden, Thanks for your idea.

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