Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Table Setting

We had our family Valentine's dinner last night.  While everyone was slaving away in the kitchen, I set the table using some things I found around my parents house.

The lacy tablecloth is actually a quilt for a bed, or at least that's what I think it is - I found it among the bedding in my parents linen closet.

My mom loves fuchsia, so the fact that she had a set of cloth napkins in fuchsia was not a surprise.

The pretty red and white plates belonged to my mom's mom - we now use them for most nice family dinners, along with the silver flatware and Waterford stemware that my parent's have been accumulating since they got married.  You may remember 'em all from the Thanksgiving table setting I blogged about here.

I think my mom has had these cream-colored damask place mats for a long time too - despite their versatility, I don't think we've used them recently.

I cut the heart-shaped place cards from pink and red card stock found in my sister's room.

For some added color (there is no such thing as too much pink on Valentine's Day),  I covered the buffet with a vintage pink floral tablecloth.  My mom got the tablecloth at an estate sale several years ago - it's too small to cover the entire dining room table, but when folded it fits perfectly across the buffet.

The red glass vase in the center of the table is also something my mom had.

I suppose it's a pretty sweet deal I've got going here - having a mom that's a glass, china, and vintage linen connoisseur.

The only part of this entire table setting I spent money on was the ten pink tulips - I got them for $8.99 at Giant grocery store.

All in all, I thought the table looked good, but the food was better, and the company was the best part.

(Pssst...Anne we really missed you, I set a place for you - place card and everything...Katy of course thought I was being a total weirdo though.)

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Victoria Mische said...

Oh I envy your lacy table cloth. Am impressed also with your table setting! Though its simple but I can see your passion is setting this up! You did it great!

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