Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Handmade Valentines

I've got some really fabulous ladies in my life.  I sent them these handmade valentines:

First, I made translucent envelopes using vellum paper purchased at Michaels. 

Here's the envelope template I made - click on the link below to download it for free.  It's made to be printed on regular 8.5 x 11 inch printer paper. 
Envelope Template

I made address labels for the envelopes using the template I created for my holiday cards last year. (More details and a link to download this label template available in my Baby You're A Firework post here.)

I cut out a whole bunch of hearts from pretty scrapbook paper.

I glued 'em together.

I wrote a special personal note on each valentine, and used my ballpoint glue pen to add a little bit of glitter to 'em all.

Along with the valentine, I put a little bit of confetti in each envelope.

And I sealed the envelopes with checkered heart stickers I made using Sharpies and plain Avery labels.

I'm really excited about how my homemade valentine's turned out. That said, they're not even half as lovely as the ladies who will be receiving them.

Happy Valentine's Day to you! Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you're having a sensational day wherever you are.

Psstt...more homemade valentine ideas here.


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

YOU are the sweetest! Thank you!!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

Heidi said...

This made my day!! Thank you so much. Hope you have a wonderful day Liz! Miss you! XOXOX

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