Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cheap Thrill: My Happy Houseplant

I read once that every room needs something living like flowers, goldfish, or a plant. I agree, but flowers can be expensive and hardly ever last more than a week. Sadly I've never had much luck with goldfish.

Fortunately, a cute little house plant is nearly as happy as a vase of flowers, or at least I think so. 

This weekend I bought this sweet jade plant from Home Depot for just $3.98. I figure even if I kill it in three weeks, which I'm likely to do, it will still have been cheaper and lasted longer than a bunch of flowers from the grocery store.

To help my jade plant look even cuter, I repotted it into this pot I picked up for $2.99 on my last trip to Ikea.

Since the pot doesn't have a hole in the bottom for the water to drain, I filled the bottom of the pot with rocks. This gives the water a place to seep in case the soil gets too wet.

I covered the rocks with some dirt/potting mix.

I centered my jade plant in the pot, filled in around it with more potting mix, and then watered it.

Here it is looking happy and cute on the coffee table in my living room.

That about sums up everything I know about houseplants, the most important fact being that they make me happy.

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