Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tweaks to Juliet's Living Room

This is what Juliet's living room used to look like. She was pretty happy with it (i.e that painting is fabulous and the sofa is so big and comfy) but she wanted to bring a little more color and texture into the space. 

Shortly after this picture was taken, Callie (Juliet's teething pup) ate the lone orange throw pillow. So, the first thing we did was order some new pillows. And, since the sofa is so big, we ordered a bunch...five to be exact:

We picked up two of these yellow "Remy" pillows for about $14 each from Crate and Barrel. Their texture is amazing and the color plays up the yellow details in the painting above the sofa.

While at Crate and Barrel, we also picked up one of these "Nolan" cayenne colored pillows which was on sale for about $8. It brings a nice pop of color to the room, and I really like the subtle ribbed weave.

And last but not least, we ordered two of these cream and brown zebra pillows from Etsy seller Mi Casa Bella. Like the description says, they're the "perfect blend of a bold pattern combines with a soft touch."  

Here's how the five new pillows look on Juliet's sofa:

In addition to the pillows, we also bought this handsome woven basket for around $15 at HomeGoods. It brings another texture into the room and is the prefect size to fit - and conspicuously hide - all of Callie's toys.

Then we styled the coffee table using a single sunflower and things Juliet already had around her apartment:

That little glass dish is from Tiffany and Co. and was far too pretty to be gathering dust on the bookshelf in Juliet's apartment. Fortunately, it was the perfect size to hold the pistachios she and I were snacking on the day we took these pictures.

We gathered up that stack of books, not only because books really warm a room up and make it feel lived in, but also because Juliet is an avid reader, and it just makes sense for her to have some of her favorite and most pretty books out and easily accessible on her coffee table.

We bought that single sunflower, cut its stem down really short, and put in one of Juliet's regular ol' drinking glasses.  It's simple, chic, and way cheaper than a whole bouquet. 

And that pretty wooden bowl, borrowed from Juliet's bookshelf, holds the countless pack of sugar-free gum Juliet had stashed in her kitchen's junk drawer. It's colorful, like a bowl full of candy, but with a whole lot less calories.

I was pretty pleased with how these tweaks turned out, and more importantly, so was Juliet...and even Callie:

Well friends, that's the last of the pictures and details from the projects Juliet and I did around her apartment. In case you missed it, be sure to check out the before and afters from the work we did in her bedroom, and to her TV console.

Stay tuned, I've got several holiday-themed posts coming your way soon. And, as always, thank you for reading!  If you're not a Follower yet, pretty please join this site.  More details about what happens when you become a Follower here.

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Michelle * Viva Revival said...

Wow great prices on those pillows! I love the yellowy one, it's like a shag carpet, awesome! I think I should get me a jar for my wine corks. I like the simple look of it. My husband keeps saving them for some reason. :-)

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