Friday, December 2, 2011

Making a Magnetic Memo Board

Every college dorm room needs some kind of bulletin board or memo board - or at least that's my humble opinion.  So, before Anne left for college, in addition to making her the softest pillow ever, she and I spent an evening making her a magnetic chalkboard.  Here's what we did:

We bought a large plastic frame from Ikea,

and painted the cardboard insert with Rustoleum's magnetic primer paint.  We gave it three coats, letting it dry between each one.

Then we rolled on two coats of Rustoleum's chalkboard paint - again letting it dry between each coat.

After all that, we gave it a light sanding, and then one final coat of chalkboard paint.

While the various coats were drying, we made a chalkboard eraser by gluing some pieces of wood together and wrapping them in black felt like so:

And, we made some decorative magnets by gluing magnets to the back of little circle craft mirrors, neon pom poms, a lone rhinestone earring and a teddy bear pencil topper.

We also glued magnets to the back of the eraser and pack of chalk so they'd stick onto the memo board for safe keeping.

Note, don't make the same mistake we initially made - make sure to use somewhat heavy-duty magnets -otherwise they might not be strong enough to go through paper, or whatever notes you try to stick up to the board.

Taa daa, here's how it all turned out:

Pretty easy, and pretty cool...or at least Anne and I thought so.

And, speaking of cool, please humor me for a second and admire how this, my Very Fond Of blog, has a new oh so short domain - yep, it's just  Sexy, right?

Oh, and one more thing on the topic of memo boards, I made a pin board this June that was also pretty easy and cool - more details here.
As always, thank you for reading, you're the best - really and truly.

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