Saturday, December 10, 2011

Juliet's TV Console Before and After

Juliet's TV and console used to look like this:

She didn't like the dangling cords, and the bamboo plant had become a little too high maintenance for her style.  So, this is what we did:

It can cost several hundred dollars to have an electrician hide cords inside the wall, so we went with this $15 cord cover from Home Depot.  It was super easy to install - it has a self-adhesive back, so no nails or screws required.

Next, we picked out some fun maintenance-free accessories to include, three of these gorgeous mirrored lanterns from Anthropologie,

some vintage books from an antique store, and one of these artificial plants for $6 from Ikea.

Side note - I don't normally approve of artificial plants, but this one looks so unbelievably real.  In fact I bought one for myself too - you can see it here in this picture of my living room from my post about my bench makeover.

Anyhow back to Juliet's place, we put everything together and it looked like this:

The green bowl the plant is in, and the pretty silver picture frame, are both things Juliet already had.

I'm really loving how this turned out.  And, we were able to disguise the black cable box pretty nicely without out moving it out of plain sight, so it's still easy to aim the remote at.

Here's one more look at the before,

and the after.

Big fan of before and afters?  Check out the before and afters from Juliet's bedroom here.

Coming soon: more pictures and details about the tweaks we made to the rest of Juliet's living room.

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