Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Table Setting

I'm not much of a cook, especially when compared to my dad and sisters, so last Thanksgiving, instead of helping in the kitchen, I volunteered to set the table.  

Here's what I did:

I began by sewing a basic white tablecloth.  Yes, I could have just bought one, but sewing a tablecloth is easy, and this way it was perfectly sized for our family table.

I made my tablecloth with white fabric intended for drapery lining - it was on sale for $5 a yard, and it was a little wider than most of the fabrics at Joanne's.  Had I not found this fabric, fabric from a twin or full bed sheet would have been cheap and would have worked well too.

I wanted my tablecloth to hang down about 10-12 inches from the sides of the table, so I ironed, measured, cut and hemmed the fabric accordingly.

Then, inspired by the gold polka-dot pattern from this picture I saw in Lonny magazine,

I mapped out a similar dot pattern on my table cloth using a pencil and a template I made from a half-sheet of paper with a hole cut in the center.

I mixed gold Folk Art craft paint with textile medium and made dots using a round dabber (I'm not sure what these dabbers are officially called, but I know they're made for stenciling). I got both bottles of paint and the dabber from Joanne's - the total cost was less than $6.

Side note:  In case you're curious, the textile medium worked really well - I've used and washed this tablecloth countless times since I made it last Thanksgiving, and it still looks fresh.  Can you see it in the background of this picture taken at my blog birthday party last month.

Since I knew we'd be using the red and white plates that belonged to my mom's mom for Thanksgiving dinner, I bought a set of six red cotton napkins from World Market to match.

Next, I bought a pretty bouquet of flowers and used wet floral foam to arrange it in this cute fall vase that belongs to my mom.

Another side note: I love floral foam, I blabbed all about it here.

Finally, to complete my table setting, I made place cards.  We didn't really need place cards since there are only six of us, and we pretty much all have a seat we're accustomed to sitting in...but I thought these would be fun.

I used a gold pen to draw flowers on red card-stock.

Then I cut out the flowers and used the x-acto knife to cut out the inner edges of the petals.

And, then I put a Ferrero Rocher into the middle of each and put 'em on the table.

I've got the table setting for this year's Thanksgiving in the works now.  I'll share the details and pictures with you...obviously.

Looking for some more table setting inspiration?  Check out my Summer Table Setting and Decorating for Dinner posts.


katy hayes said...

i expect something over the top this year

Elizabeth said...

I am always impressed by your amazing ability to produce such creative projects, and most especially how affordable everything is!
Also side note, I like the turkey chase shirt, are you running it this year? I'm already signed up :D

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