Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Softest Pillow, Ever


Back in September, right before Anne, my youngest sister, took off for her freshman year of college, she and I went shopping at Ikea to get stuff for her dorm room. Of all the things she needed, a bathmat was not one of them, but she fell in love with this turquoise Restad bathmat because it was so freaking soft. And, because she liked it so much, we bought it and I promised to turn it into the softest pillow ever for her. Here's how I did it:

Hopefully these two pictures can help give you a sense of how truly soft this rug was.

The first thing I did was cut the rug in half - I had a 19 inch square pillow insert and half the rug was nearly the perfect size to cover it.

Using a seam ripper I carefully removed the binding from the sides of my half-piece of rug like so:

Then I used the seam ripper to remove two rows of the rug's plush tentacles so I'd have a nice flat edge.

And, from here on out I followed typical pillow-making protocol:

I pinned the front and back pieces of the pillow to each other, right sides together. (For the back of the pillow I used a piece white velvety upholstery-weight fabric I happened to have.)

I sewed them together on three sides.

Then I turned the it right side out, put in my 19 inch pillow insert, and pinned it closed.

And, finally I sewed the pillow closed with a quick whip stitch by hand.

VoilĂ , there you have it, the softest pillow, ever:

Wondering what happened to the other half of the rug?  Well, it's still a rug.  I attached the binding I took off the pillow half of the rug.

After pinning and sewing it into place, I put some Fabri-tac on the back, just to make sure things wouldn't come unraveled with use.

Even though Anne never needed a bathmat, I thought this new smaller rug would make for a nice spot of softness in her dorm room.

And, we didn't stop there, in addition to this super soft pillow and small rug, before Anne left for college she and I made a magnetic memo board and gave an old duvet cover a facelift.  Pictures and details about those projects coming soon. 

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