Monday, November 7, 2011

Cheap Chicken Costumes

As promised, here are details about the chicken Halloween costumes I made for Juliet and me.


Large white-hooded sweatshirt (from Target for $10)
Red gloves (got the pair from Target for $2)
Yellow tights (from Target too, only $5)
Four pieces of white felt 
White long-sleeved shirt 
Needle, thread and scissors

*optional: yellow shoelaces and Fabri-tac fabric glue

My original plan was to use white feather boas for this costume, but as it turns out boas are somewhat expensive, and it was going to take several boas to achieve a full and fluffy look.  

This was a bummer but I was able to create a feather-like look for free by simply cutting "v" shaped slits into the sweatshirt.  

See that little cardboard half "v" template - I used it help ensure that my feather-like slits were more or less uniform.

And, once I was done cutting slits all over the hoodie, I used the template to cut some similar "v" shapes from white felt that I then attached around the neck, sleeves, and bottom of the hoodie.  (At first I was sewing them on, but then I got lazy and just used Fabri-tac fabric glue which was way faster.)

After that I cut a slit in the top of the hood and sewed the red glove into place.

And that, my friends, is all there was to it.  I made both costumes in just one afternoon.

That night we got lots of compliments, and had so much a fun dancing like chickens.  I'd highly recommend a chicken suit for your next costume event.

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