Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thank You Very Much!

This, my Very Fond Of blog turned one year old yesterday.  I can't thank you enough for all of your love and support this year.  Seriously, you rock.

Highlights from this year include:
31 posts, the most popular of which was this one: Trying to Contain Myself.
7,432 page views which includes 31 from the Philippines and 28 from New Zealand.
37 subscribers! Details about what it means to be a subscriber here.

To celebrate, I threw a little birthday shindig at my place on Friday.  I made these cupcakes:

I used a white cake and buttercream frosting recipe from Recipe Girl - people on Pinterest touted that this was the "best cupcake/cake batter recipe ever."  

I'm not sure if I'd say "best ever," but they were pretty darn good.

I decorated 'em with Wilton's blue sugar and jumbo heart sprinkles.

A special thank you to my sister Katy who did the rest of the cooking for the shindig:

And, thank you to my friends who made the trek to Virginia to help me celebrate.

And, a special shout out to Juliet for this super sweet rhyming card:
"Dear Bloggy,
You are informative and trendy
I love that you have photos aplenty
You're turning 1, so I say Happy Bday to you!
I bet you are celebrating with a huge bottle of fabric glue.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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