Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some of My Favorite DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is less than a week away – and in case you’re still trying to come up with a costume, here are some of my favorite DIY (do-it-yourself) Halloween costume ideas:

Three blind mice
Picture from inhabitots.com

For this costume I think you’d need:  two friends, gray sweatshirts, gray sweatpants or tights, pink and gray felt, gray yarn (braided and attached to back as the tail), wooden dowels painted white (for the walking sticks), and sunglasses!

Note: To help make sure the ears stand up, I’d attach them the same way I attached the ears to my sheep costume last year, those details here.

Garden gnome
Pictures from mycheapcostume.com and familyfun.go.com.

For this costume I think you’d need:  a patterned button-down shirt, corduroy pants, rain boots, thick grosgrain ribbon (to make suspenders), red felt, (to make the pointy hat) and a bushy beard and eyebrows (which you could make following this tutorial that calls for white fake fur, or this tutorial that uses yarn, or this tutorial that makes use of Barbie hair).

Panda bear
Pictures from weheartit.com and fredflare.com.

For this costume I think you’d need:  a black crewneck sweatshirt, a white hooded sweatshirt (to wear underneath the black crewneck sweatshirt with the hood sticking out), white felt (to sew a large oval belly patches onto the front and back of the black sweatshirt), black tights and black felt (for eyes and ears).

Again, to help make sure the ears stand up, I’d attach them the same way I attached the ears to my sheep costume last year, those details here

Picture from inhabitat.com.

For this costume I think you’d need:  brown leggings, brown long-sleeved shirt, body pillow, brown fabric or pillowcase, brown grosgrain ribbon (to make backpack-like straps to attach the shell), brown beanie cap, brown pipecleaners and large googley eyes.

And, I can't forget about the goldfish and salt and pepper shaker costumes I highlighted in this post last year

And, I love a fresh take on a traditional Halloween costume, like these pumpkin and ghost costumes:

Picture from Etsy seller repurposefulPUNK.

For this pumpkin costume I think you’d need:  orange Soffee shorts, a black sharpie marker, black tights and a black long-sleeved shirt.

For this ghost costume I think you’d need:  a white dress, black felt and white tights (because I’m partial to being as warm as possible on Halloween).

Or, perhaps you'll be inspired by some of these ridiculously creative people:

She made a turtle shell out of a trashcan top:
Picture from inhabitat.com.

They used a gold frame to recreate a famous painting:
Picture from bestcostumesever.blogspot.com.

He’s got a jetpack made from plastic soda bottles:
Picture from pinnedit.blogspot.com.

GAH, I just love Halloween costumes!  As you might recall, I was a sheep last year.  

Details about how I made that costume here.  

And, I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear I’m in the process of making my own Halloween costume for this year.  I’m going to be a chicken.  These are the images serving as my inspiration:
Picture from marthastewart.com.

Photo from seattletimes.nwsource.com.
Picture from bornmodernbaby.com.

The supplies I’ve gathered for my chicken costume so far are:  a white hooded sweatshirt, two white feather boas, red and orange felt, yellow tights and yellow shoelaces.  

I’ll post pictures and a full tutorial once the chicken is done.  Get it... "the chicken is done"?!  Ok, I'm not very funny....and you read my blog anyway.  Just one more reason why I think you rock.  Thank you!

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