Sunday, October 2, 2011

Juliet's Bedroom Before and After

Over the past few months Juliet and I have been working together to give her bedroom a little more pizzazz - in particular she wanted new bedding and some pops of color. Here's how it looked before:

And, here's how it looks now:

One of the first things we did was pick out the bedding. The chic platinum quilt is from Rue La La. The silver ruffle pillows are from Urban Outfitters. And, the turquoise euro sham with pom-poms is from Pottery Barn Teen.

Then, I picked out the paint color that most nearly matched the new euro sham and used it to paint Juliet's nightstand.

The color is called Little Critters - it's from Behr's Disney line. For durability and shine, I chose the gloss finish.

Not pictured: Prior to painting I sanded the nightstand and gave it a coat of Zinsser all purpose latex primer - the nightstand had a slick laminate-like finish that would have otherwise repelled the new paint.

It took about three coats of paint, all of which were applied with a roller for a nice brushstroke free finish.

Next, I gave Juliet's existing lampshade a makeover using orange grosgrain ribbon, double sided tape and Fabri-tac.

It was really easy.

And, it's pretty freaking cute...if I do say so myself.

And, the final and biggest project of Juliet's bedroom upgrade was the gallery we assembled on the wall behind her bed. It incorporates the large silver painting formerly hanging above her bed and:
  • A bunch of Juliet's favorite photos - 13 total, uploaded and printed via Shutterfly in a variety of sizes ranging from 5x7 to 20x 30 inches.
  • A print of one of Juliet's favorite paintings - Open Window by Matisse.
  • A mix of silver and white frames and mats from Ikea.

Note: We didnt have a specific plan or layout in mind when we began collecting things for the gallery, we mostly just kept an eye out to make sure there was a variety of colors, sizes and textures among the pieces.

With everything collected, we traced each item onto brown paper and made a cutout. Using painters tape, we arranged and re-arranged the cutouts on the wall until we came upon a layout we really liked.  Most of the pieces are between one and two inches apart - we varied this distance intentionally.

Then, one at a time, we hung each piece in the place of it's corresponding cutout.

And once a piece was hung, to help keep it from shifting we put a small square of self adhesive velcro behind its two lower corners.

And there you have it.  Did we do good, or what?

I'm especially proud of how we used so many of the things Juliet already had in her bedroom (the bed, nightstand, lamp and painting) and came up with something that looks so different and fresh.

And we didn't stop there, we made a few updates in Juliet's living room too.  I'll be posting those pictures and details soon.  If you're worried you might forget, click here to be e-mailed when there's a new post.

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