Monday, September 19, 2011

Coming Together

Juliet, one my closest most fabulous friends, lives in a to-die-for apartment in downtown DC.  She went all out and decorated the place when she first moved in, but now that she's been living there for a little over a year, Juliet was eager to make some tweaks and spruce things up a bit.  So, she asked for my help picking out some new throw pillows for her living room sofa,

something new for on top of this credenza below her tv,  (this bamboo plant had become a little too needy), 

and some new bedding and pops of color for her bedroom.

For the last few months Juliet and I have been working on a few diy (do-it-yourself) projects and simultaneously searching for just the right accessories to freshen up her space.  

And, though it took longer than we first anticipated (as design projects tend to do), we're almost done.  I'm really excited about how it's all coming together, and more importantly, Juliet is too.  Here is a quick sneak peek:

Juliet and I are meeting to put the final finishing touches on her place this week.  I'll be back soon with pictures of how it all looks and details from our diy adventures.

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