Thursday, August 4, 2011

What Would I Do? – Mara and Dustin’s Texas Country Kitchen

Yesterday I got this text from Mara, my friend in Texas (remember she made me the ‘Good Mornin’ Sunshine’ doodle I told you about in this post):

“I need some Liz design advice. The kitchen in Dustin's* new place is country in every sense of the word.  It needs some major help… I want to paint the cabinets and freshen things up but also keep some of the country charm.”

*Dustin is Mara’s hunky boyfriend

Though they’re still in the throes of moving, hence the boxes countertop clutter, this is what the kitchen looks like:

Ask and you shall receive, my friend.  Mara, if I were you, this is what I would do:

1.  Paint the cabinets Hushed White by Behr.  (Tips: Opt for the Behr’s Premium Plus Ultra Paint and Primer in One, it’s about $35 per gallon from Home Depot, and should cover the current dark red cabinet color without too requiring too many coats.  Pick a flat or satin paint finish- avoid glossy because it will highlight imperfections in cabinets and paintjob.  And, for more cabinet painting tips, read this tutorial.)

2.  Replace the cabinet hardware with these nickel knobs and pulls from  Thought they’re sleek and sophisticated and expensive-looking, you can score a set of 10 pulls and 10 knobs for less than $60.

3.  Replace the curtains with roman shades made from this chartreuse gingham fabric, available for $13.99 a yard at Premier Prints Fabric.  (Side note: If you’re an excellent seamstress like Mara, here’s a tutorial on how to sew roman shades.  But, if sewing isn’t your thing, follow this no-sew tutorial to make roman shades from mini blinds.)

4.  Create inexpensive art by framing some fun Etsy finds like these:

5.  Make a chalkboard to jot love notes and grocery lists using some rope moulding and chalkboard paint.

6.  Corral items on the countertop using pretty glass jars like this from Walmart and this wire basket from Amazon.

7.  Add some more color and unify the space with this $19.99 blue and white flatwoven rug from Ikea.

Here's hoping Mara likes my ideas for the kitchen...and that she finally signs up as one of my Very Fond Of blog subscribers. << OH YES I DID, I just called Mara out, and if you're not already signed up as a subscriber, you might be next.  Read how to become a subscriber, it will make my day.

Thank you!

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Aux Reves said...

Love the ideas- we have a similar issue with our kitchen. Half the size, twice as outdated, and we have very little idea what to do with it (especially since we're renting), but I think the Biscuits and Gravy sign might be going up.

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