Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Table Setting

I'm having my Mom, Dad, and brother over for dinner.  I'm not sure what I'm going to cook, but the table is set.

Here's what I did:

My dining table (essentially this table from Ikea) is fairly small. It seats four, but it's kinda squished:

So I bought a piece of wood from Home Depot that I use to make the tabletop bigger when I company.  (When I don't have company I tuck the piece of wood under the sofa in my living room.)

Side note- the piece of wood I bought was pretty cheap and thus the grain is fairly rough so I've got it wrapped in brown paper to prevent it from scuffing my table or snagging on the tablecloth.

I made my own tablecloth using 2.5 yards of red and white fabric which I got form Ikea at $5.97 per yard.  I wanted my tablecloth to hang down about 10-12 inches from the sides of the table, so I ironed, measured, cut and hemmed the fabric accordingly.

The tablecloth took about 30 minutes to make.  And, since the fabric is washable and the pattern is pretty versatile, I think I'll getting a lot mileage out of it.

For napkins, I used four turquoise bandanas which I got at Walmart for $1 each.

I washed, ironed, and them folded the bandanas/napkins into fans like this:

1. Fold in half.

 2. Fold back and forth like an accordion.

 3. Make sure all the folds are nicely creased.

4. Turn so the folds are vertical and then pinch in the middle.

5. While continuing to pinch the middle, fan out the sides.

Provided the folds were nicely creased, once you're done fanning, the bandana will continue to hold the fan shape quite nicely- you don't need to secure the center with anything.

I don't have matching dinner plates, but the fanned bandana napkins totally disguised this.

Next, I made some votives candles to scatter around the table.  Remember, I like to keep table decorations short so as not to block one's view of the person dinning across from them.

I used tealights from Target (the pack of 100 was less than $10), turquoise glass gems which I got for $1 a bag at the Dollar Tree, and glass glue which I had leftover from my rock bowl and pin board projects.

This is what I did- it's pretty self explanatory:

The glue dried quickly- I made 24 votives in about 30 minutes.

And much to my surprise, look how cool they look when they're lit:

Like the tablecloth, I think I'll get a lot of mileage out of these votives because it will be easy to replace the candles when they burn out.

And, to complete the setting,  I picked some black-eyed susan flowers from the running path near my house.  I think they're wildflowers, so I'm telling myself it's OK that I picked them.  I put them in a glass jar turned vase which I got from Walmart for a few bucks.

Here's how it all looks:

Now I just need to come up with something to cook, err... a final minor detail.


Heidi said...

LOVE the votives Liz. Awesome idea!!

Anitabrie said...

Looks magical with the lights off!

Anonymous said...

ooo never use scented candles when decorating a dining space- it distracts from the actual food (which you may think is a good idea if youre not a cook, but sometimes the flavor combinations can small BAD). otherwise awesome!!

anne willis said...

liz this is so beautiful!!
your blog is awesome, along with your decorating skills.
love you sissy poo

Victoria Mische said...

Oh you are really a brilliant one! Though you are not a good cook like me but you showed and impressed me on table decorating. The votives are fabulous when they were lit! It's like a fairies are running throughout the dinner table...:)

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Anonymous said...

I think you're wonderful! You really make a lot from little. And you go to a lot of trouble for your family. I think you must be a very kind person. Rita (Portugal)


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