Friday, July 1, 2011

Double the Desk

Here it is, my new desk with double the space:

Remember, this is what it used to look like, when I had an armoire and a smaller desk (details in my Trying to Contain Myself post).

I lugged the empty armoire to storage (aka my parent's basement) and I brought back a 62 x 30 inch wooden desk, purchased from Bombay Company circa 2004 for my bedroom at my parent's then new house.

I went to Chevy Chase Glass Company and had a piece of 1/4 inch glass cut to fit the top of my desk.  It cost about $60, and not only does it protect the 1,860 square inches of greatness that is my new desktop, it makes my desk look a little bit more shiny and sleek....or at least I think so.

I used to have three shelves above my desk, but with three more brackets, an additional white laminate board, and a little rearranging- I now have four shelves.

(Details and sources for all my storage containers here.)

Since I'm still way into rocks, my dad gave me this blue geode which he's had in his office ever since I was little.  It makes a pretty awesome bookend.

Also, tucked among my storage bins, I've got this rockin' disco ball which I picked up at a store in North Carolina last summer.  I'm not sure why but I just had to have it...and in case you feel the same way, here is a link for a similar disco ball being sold on

Side note- the process of rearranging my shelves was not accomplished without making several scuff marks on the wall.  Luckily my sister Katy introduced me to Mr. Clean Magic Erasers- they take care of scuff marks on walls in seconds (and they've also been known to work magic on dirty MacBook's).

Wall before magic erasing:

Wall after magic erasing:

Hanging above my desk (below the shelves) I've got: 
The pin board I made, the note from my mom that I framed, a photocopy from The Paper Bag Princess (one of my favorite childhood books) which I framed in a lucite frame I got at an estate sale for $1,

and this vintage map of Maryland (where I grew up, and not coincidentally the best state ever) purchased for $25 on ebay and framed with a $19.99 Ribba frame from Ikea.

And, though it's not new to my desk, I've yet to tell you about this little workhorse.  My acrylic desktop file (purchased at the Container Store for $24.99, plus green folders for $6.99), keeps me organized and keeps my desk free of paper piles.  As far as filing systems go, it's pretty sexy...if I do say so myself.

And, that's about every detail I can think to tell you about my new desk.  For fun, here's one last look-see:

Oh, and before I forget again (I'm very sorry to those who inquired earlier) my desktop screensaver clock is by Fliqlo, and you can download it for free here. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

The pale sea foam green color of your wall and filing boxes is very nice. Can you post the color and paint company?

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