Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby, You're A Firework

I love this wallpaper- the pattern, "Firework" was designed by Albert Hadley for Hinson and Company. 

Bathroom designed by Albert Hadley, featured in Lonny magazine

Bathroom designed by Krista Ewart, featured in House Beautiful magazine

Bathroom designed by Lizzie Bailey, featured in Lonny magazine

Sadly, when I went to the Hinson website to try to find out more, it says: "We'll be right with you, our new site will launch soon."

Not that I have any need for wallpaper since I live in a rental, but I just wanted this pattern in my life somewhere, so...

I created my own version of the pattern in Photoshop which I then printed on regular 8.5 x 11 printer paper and used to create envelopes for my New Year's cards this past year.

I'll admit, recreating the pattern was a tad overzealous on my part, but in case you're interested in making your own envelopes, it's easy and doesn't necessarily require Photoshop.

Here's the template I made- by all means download, print, cut, and fold some firework envelopes of your own.

New Years Envelope

And here's the template I made in Word for the address labels.  I printed them on Avery standard 5163 labels, but you could also just print them on regular paper and glue them onto your envelopes.


Enjoy!  Have a great weekend, whatever you do, stay cool!

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