Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trying to Contain Myself

So, I've told you a lot about my bedroom- like my headboard, sconces, and euro sham pillows- but that was just one side of the room.  This is what's on the other side of my bedroom: 

The wooden armoire and vintage metal kitchen desk are both Craigslist finds, which I got for $40 and $50, respectively.  

The shelves (3 tracks, 9 brackets, 3 white laminate boards made by Rubbermaid) bought for just under $95 with tax from Home Depot, were lovingly hung by my Dad, the number one guy in my life.

The collection of white storage bins are mostly from Ikea's Kassett series (most were $5 each), with a few Recollections paper storage bins from Michael's and an ice cube bin from Walmart.

Side note- if you can, try to resist the temptation to buy storage bins in an array of colors and/or patterns. Sticking to one or two colors ensures a more polished and organized overall look.  And, if you go with a common color like white or black, buying new bins to match will always be easy.

The little wood bench is something I snagged from my parent's basement.  A while back I painted the legs white and recovered the seat with that blue and white striped fabric- but that was all done in my pre-blog days so I don't have any pictures of the process. :(

The green fabric bulletin board, another project from my pre-blog days, was made following a tutorial very similar to this.

I really like this desk, but have come to realize, as an arts and crafts enthusiast, I need a bigger desktop.

So to make room for a bigger desk, I had to get rid of the armoire and find new places to store all this stuff:

I began by sorting through my storage bins and closet, getting rid of things I could live without to make some space for some of the armoire items.

Next, I determined the contents of my three armoire drawers fit nicely into three pink metal bins I already had (purchased from Target in 2003 for my college dorm room).

The pink wasn't quite right for my room now, so I painted the bins with some of the leftover wall paint (the color is Teal Ice by Behr).

And for fun (even though no one will ever see it except me), and also because I already had the paint on hand from another project, I painted the inside of the bins Fiesta Pink (color by Glidden).

I'm loving the fact that they match the walls- it's really helping keep the shelves from looking too cluttered or busy.

If you look closely, you can see I had my jewelry hanging on the inside wall of the armoire.  This probably won't be a permanent solution but, for now I bought three interlocking drawer organizers at The Container Store to store my jewelry and hair-thingys.

I put them up on my shelf so they're easy to access, and yet still fairly inconspicuous.

I bought this wood tray on for $8.  Eventually I plan to jazz it up with some paint and polyurethane, but for now it's storing my makeup as-is.

When this pizza sauce jar was nearly empty, I removed the label, washed out the remaining sauce, and... I use if to store my makeup brushes and mascara.

And, for $19 I got this cute striped metal tray from One Kings Lane (a site that offers daily deals on designer home stuff). 

I'm using it to corral the perfume and lotions that were formerly scattered on the top shelf of my armoire:

I've managed to find a home for everything formerly stored in my armoire.  With that, I moved the armoire into storage and brought in a bigger desk.

You can catch some glimpses of my new big desk in my That's What She Said and My Pin Up posts. Next week, I promise to post pictures so you can see the whole nine yards  62 inches.   


Ellie said...

I love this! All of my shelves are such a nightmare and we are in the process of reorganizing my desk/vanity area - I have elfa shelving from Container store, but my shelves are super cluttered and haphazard. I usually stay away from white because I think it's "boring" but your shelves look so clean that I think I might change my mind.

liz said...

Thanks for the note. Good luck with your reorganizing!

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