Monday, June 20, 2011

My Pin Up

I decided I really wanted to have a pin board/bulletin board by my desk so I could hang up reminders, pieces of inspiration, and other miscellaneous things I need to remember and/or not lose.  So I recently made myself one, and here's how I did it:

I found this frame leaning up against the dumpster next to my apartment a few months ago.  Even though the glass was missing, I rescued it, because the thick detailed frame was so pretty.  (I figured I could have a new piece of glass cut to fit, or find another use for it....which is exactly what I did!)

Using a box cutter and a metal ruler I cut two pieces of foam board to the size of my frame. (You need to cut two pieces because one piece likely won't be quite as thick as your thumbtacks are long.)

Then, I stacked the two cut pieces of foam board on top of each other and taped 'em together.  

Using my foam board as a guide, I cut a piece of fabric that was two inches bigger on each side.

Side note: I don't think it really matters what type of fabric you use for this project.  The fabric I used was a medium weight velvety upholstery type fabric but I think a quilting fabric with a fun print, some burlap, or even the fabric cut from an old t-shirt, would look cool and work well for this project.

Next, I ironed my newly cut piece of fabric (wrinkles = bad).

Then, I wrapped my fabric around the board and used a staple gun to tack it into place around the back.

Side note: I love my staple gun.  It cost less than $15, and I find it comes in handy for so many different projects.  But, in case you don't have a staple gun in your DIY arsenal, a regular stapler (one that can be opened all the way so it lies flat... a feature most staplers have) will also work fine for this particular project:

And, one more side note: make sure you're pulling the fabric taut before you staple.  A little trick for this (which I learned stretching my own painting canvases back in my art major days) is to alternate sides as you staple.  For more about this, here is a good step-by-step tutorial for how to stretch a canvas.

Now, since my fabric wrapped foam piece ended up being thicker than the glass + photo mat + flat artwork combo that this frame was designed to hold, I wasn't able to fit on the frame's original back piece (the piece that fastens the frame closed and had the hook so you can hang the frame on the wall).  So, to be able to hang my final pin board on the wall with a nail later, I hammered a self leveling sawtooth picture hanger to the back, top and center.

Then I secured my fabric wrapped foam piece to the back of the frame with some duct tape.

With my pin board nearly done, I decided it needed pretty pins/thumbtacks to go with it.  So, I took basic boring thumbtacks and tacked them to a piece of leftover scrap foam board.

Then I used some clear silicone glue to glue a pretty pale-turquoise glass gem to each thumbtack. (Remember, I used glass gems- which are made to be used in aquariums, floral arrangements and for other miscellaneous craft projects -  for my rock bowl project.)

About an hour later when the glass pins were dry, and with the pin board now hanging on the wall right above my desk, this is how it looked:

And, less than 24 hours later I have already put my pin board to good use - featuring a bill I need to not forget to pay, a page from the J Crew catalogue with the yellow pencil skirt I'm lusting after, the back of a designers business card that has a really pretty floral design, and a note I got from my boss on my last day of work last week that says "Go make a difference!"

If you're still reading this: 1. you're awesome, 2. please check back tomorrow, and the next day- I'll be sharing several projects I recently completed in and around my home office (aka the desk in my apartment).  

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Heidi said...

You are reading my mind - was thinking of letting the girls do this project as a craft for summer! Now I have the directions :) xoxo

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