Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Been Rockin' Lately

Last month I toured the DC Design House where I instantly fell in love with the quartz rock bowl featured in the foyer.  Here are some pictures of the foyer (by DC designer Liz Levin) -  you have to look closely to see the rock bowl on the table:

When I came home and Googled "quartz rock bowls," I was sad to find out that quartz bowls like this one cost $500+

A month later, I’m still fixated on that rock bowl, in fact, my fixation has grown to include all sorts of rock décor items like these geode bookends (that I almost bought from HomeGoods) and this rock-shaped lamp (that keeps calling my name on

To try to satiate my rock décor craving, I came up with this DIY (do-it-yourself) rock bowl project:

Supplies I used:
Two 32-ounce bags of glass gems (You should be able to find them at any craft or home improvement store- here’s a link where you can get em’ for less than $5 a bag at Lowe’s.)

Two tubes of Quick Grip glue (Among many things, the Quick Grip package said it bonds to glass and is water and weather proof, flexible, paint-able, and crystal clear.  I got this from Walmart for about $5 a tube, but I sadly can't seem to find a corresponding link on to point you to.)

One four-quart glass bowl (I got this for $6 at Walmart, but is failing me again because I can’t seem to find the link to share with you.)

This project is pretty self-explanatory: I glued the glass gems to the bowl.  There wasn’t any real pattern or method to my gem gluing, other than that I tried to glue the gems closest to the rim of the bowl first- to help ensure that they formed at fairly straight line around the top of the bowl.

I'm really jazzed with how my rock bowl turned out.   It’s not exactly like the bowl I saw at the DC Design House, but it’s got a similar organic-textured-modern vibe going on.  And, like in rock bowl in Design House, my rock bowl lives in my foyer (errr…on the dresser closest to my front door).

I really think rocks are so IN right now- but maybe I'm just off my rocker (pun intended).


Anonymous said...

Would also be cute with an initial or design using colored glass gems inside the clear ones.

Anonymous said...

You could probably even use sea glass to create aneffect similar to the original, just colored.

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