Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Decorating for Dinner

I’m a putz in the kitchen. When my family gets together for dinner, instead of trying to help out in the kitchen, I help by setting the table.

A few weeks ago my family rented a beach house in South Carolina to see and celebrate my little sister Katy graduating from The College of Charleston. Members of my family took turns cooking dinner each night at the beach house. Instead of cooking, I put together a fun table setting on the night that my youngest sister Anne cooked home-made lasagna.  This  is what the table looked like when Anne started cooking dinner:

And here it is, what it looked like just prior to lasagna being served:

The entire table setting took me a little over an hour (not counting my trip to Walmart).  Here’s what I did:

I made a simple tablecloth/ table runner using three yards of cute black and white spotted fabric (only $2.97 per yard at Walmart), some Stitch Witchery ($1.47, also from Walmart) and an iron.

I made a short flower arrangement (I hate tall centerpieces that block one’s view of the person sitting across the table) using things I found around the beach house:  three drinking glasses, a miscellaneous empty pickle jar, jam jar, a short red vase, and flowers cut from the front and back yard.

I added some twinkle to the table with 24 scattered tea lights (the pack of 24 was only $1.50 at Walmart).

I bought the red paper napkins (for $1.50 at Walmart) to match the red beach house chairs.  The pink plastic cups were leftover from a grad party Katy hosted a few nights earlier.  The green plates and silverware came with the beach house.

And, the table only looked half as good as dinner tasted.

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