Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Piped Pillows

I stayed up pretty late last night finishing the two euro sham pillows I’ve been making for my bed - so late that I slept through the intro CrossFit class I was planning to go to this morning. I was bummed to have missed the rock-hard eye candy at the gym…but simultaneously content to wake up next to these plush pretties:

When I was 12 I asked Santa for a sewing machine for Christmas (and he delivered!),  but until now I haven't tried making pillows with piping.

It wasn’t too hard. I followed this tutorial on  Here are some pictures I took while I was making em:'

Sewing the piping:

Pinning the piping into place:

Scowling at a less than perfect corner before deciding to touch it up with a few hand stiches:

Admiring the finished results:

(If you remember me talking about making these pillows in my last post, I said I was going to try put in invisible zippers to make the covers removable. Alas, the nine-inch zippers I bought didn’t make for big enough openings to be able to get the pillows in. So, since I was too impatient to run back to the store and get longer zippers, I bagged the zipper idea. When it comes time to wash these covers I’ll carefully rip one of the side seams and then stitch it back up post wash. All’s well that ends well.)

And, before I forget, a special shout out to my friend Natalie- it’s her birthday today. She’s really thoughtful, really creative, and really pretty.  She's been inspiring me ever since kindgergarten when I had the good fortune to get the cubby next to hers. I love you lady! (Card is in the mail.)

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