Monday, February 14, 2011

My Bedroom on Valentine’s Day

Alas, my headboard isn’t quite done.  At this point, since this project has taken so long, I refuse to settle for a finished headboard that’s anything less than perfect so….I sanded it a little bit more last night. Tonight I will finally finish it by putting on two coats of Wipe-On Poly:

In the meantime, I’ve done a few small things to get my bedroom ready for the headboard’s debut.

Last night I whipped up a little flower arrangement for my nightstand using some purple daisies that have been in a vase on my kitchen table for the past two weeks. The flowers were looking a little wilted (which was to be expected given that I go em’ for $9.99 at Safeway two weeks ago). Yesterday I was about to throw the flowers out, but had a change of heart and decided I would try to resuscitate them first.  I rounded up the least wilted-looking daisies in the bunch, cut the stems short (leaving only about two inches of stem on each flower), and then used floral foam to arranged the stems in a small silver-plated bowl (which too, had seen better days).  I was surprised and excited by how well this turned out:

Side note- I recently discovered floral foam and I think it’s seriously awesome. With floral foam you can make little flower arrangements that look like they came from a florist- and it’s fast and easy.   And, floral foam is cheap (like $2 a block), and they sell it all over the place. I think I got my block (pictured below) at either Michaels or JoAnne Fabrics, but you can even buy it on Amazon:   In my experience so far, unless you’re making a really big arrangement, a block of floral foam like this will last for several projects. I only used 1/8 of this block for my nightstand arrangement.

Also, something else I’ve learned is that you want make sure you get wet floral foam as opposed to the dry kind. Both kinds of foam look nearly the same in the package (like a big green styrofoam block) but the wet kind is specifically made to hold water (you soak it in water before you use it)…. so that you can make arrangements with fresh flowers….as opposed to fake flower arrangements (ick!) which I think is what the dry floral foam is intended for.

OK, back to my bedroom updates- In addition to the little flower arrangement, my nightstand is also currently adorned by a vintage Valentine hankie that my Mom gave me for Valentine’s Day last year, (or it might have been the year before).  How awesome is my mom?

And, (since it’s Valentine’s Day and I’m almost done with my new headboard!) I decided to treat myself to this set of pretty sheets that caught my eye in Target last night:

The set was $43.99 before tax. I think Target just got them in- so probably they’ll go on sale in not too long but obviously, I couldn’t wait. Here’s the link to more details at

Another side note- right now, my sheets are just plain white, no design.  And, I tend to prefer white sheets (and white towels too) because, even though there are so many beautiful patterns and colors out there, with white I can bleach them every-so-often, which I think keeps them looking new and fresh, longer. Even though these new sheets aren’t all white, according to the package, they’re “bleach-friendly.” I’m somewhat skeptical, yet still very excited.

Ok, back to the topic of Valentine's Day- This year I didn’t get around to sending my sisters and girlfriends valentines like I wanted to. Had I had time, the Valentines were going to say “Baby you’re a firework!” Because, in addition to the fact that I love that Katy Perry song and can’t seem to get it out of my head, my sisters; Katy and Anne, and my girlfriends; Claire, Cort, Jenny, Jessie, Jo, Juliet, Malloy, Nora, and Sarah, are really freaking awesome, like "boom boom boom even brighter than the moon moon moon."

I only sent one Valentine this year- it was to my mom.  She e-mailed me this morning to ask if I would be her Valentine.  So, this is what I sent her:   

(Photo of me taken during my fire-fighting class yesterday.... probably the kind of thing only a mother would love.)

That’s all I've got for today.  I’m single and having quite a happy Valentine’s Day over here.  I hope you’re having an equally happy, if not happier, Valentine’s Day wherever you are.

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