Monday, February 7, 2011


Remember how I said I wanted to write about the costumes I saw and liked this Halloween- so I’d have some cool ideas in my back pocket when Halloween rolls around next year? Well, I didn’t forget, although I did get quite sidetracked.

(A special thank you to my mom and girlfriends- your sweet enthusiasm for my design endeavors has helped me focus and get back on track. I love you, you rock!)

Without further ado, these are my three favorite Halloween costume ideas from last year:

I came across these first two costume ideas in the October 2010 issue of Women’s Day magazine which I fortuitously decided to flip through while waiting in the Jiffy Lube lobby for an oil change.

How cute is this goldfish costume?! I think the fishy scales (made from orange cupcake liners) and the bulgy eyes (made from a ping-pong ball cut in half) are ingenious.  Also, I think this salt and pepper shaker costume idea is really clever. I love how the hats are stainless steel colanders and the bits of salt are packing peanuts. 

The third (and quite possibly my favorite) costume idea I came across was this chicken costume courtesy of Martha Stewart.  Maybe it's just me but, I think this feathery ensemble (made from white feather boas), be SO MUCH FUN to wear.

And, even though all three of these costume ideas are meant for kids, I think each one could easily be adapted into an adult costume.  Like, for the chicken, instead of using a white leotard and pilot’s cap for the costume base like Martha did- I would use a white hooded sweatshirt. And, I probably wouldn’t bother with the rubber glove foot covers Martha made - I’d welcome the excuse to buy a pair of yellow Chucks:

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