Sunday, November 14, 2010

Busy in the Bedroom

Here is a photo of my bedroom (I'll admit, this picture was taken on a particularly good day two weeks ago- I don't always make my bed and have flowers on my nightstand):

I don't have a headboard, so instead I framed a picture and have it hanging on the wall above my bed.  It's hard to see in this photograph, but the picture is actually a screenprint of a silver chandelier- I made it in college.  I really like it (it's probably the only piece of my own art I've ever framed), but lately I've been longing for a real headboard.

For about a month, I've been searching for a headboard on craigslist, and just last week, I found this beauty (for only $60):

I love love love the shape - very hollywood regency but, I'm not too fond of the wood.  So, I'm going to paint the headboard white... and, I'm going to try to give it a smooth glossy finish...which can be kind of tricky to pull off on a hand painted piece.

Yesterday I started by giving the headboard two coats of Zinsser all purpose latex primer.  This will help fill grooves and imperfections in the wood grain... shiny smooth finish here I come!

But, it didn't quite do the trick completely.  Along the top of the headboard the trim has some grooves that the primer didn't quite fill.  Since I have my heart set on a super smooth and shiny end result, before I go any further, I'm heading to Home Depot to see if they can recommend some kind of wood putty and/or special sandpaper that might help smooth this out:

To be continued...

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